KM Ware is a global IT company, with expertise in smart software development outsourcing and business intelligence. We provide services to companies in the USA, Europe and CIS.

we are global

Many years of know-how in providing technology services and industry solutions allow us to provide our customers with high quality solutions to solve their business challenges.

We are focused on Smart Sourcing

We have 4 development centers

KM Ware has 4 development centers in Ukraine and Russia with a large number of experienced software engineers and consultants.

Due to the caliber of technical institutions in CIS, we have access to a large pool of talented and qualified IT specialists.

Our development centers are located in Odessa, Kharkov, and Zaporizhia, Ukraine as well as in Tomsk, Russia. Our expanded presence gives us access to a large resource pool, allowing for ease of flexibility and scalability when staffing projects of all sizes and focuses.

A strong record of successful
project delivery

We have delivered a number of successful projects in the areas of mobile and web application development as well as SaaS.

We provide the entire range of product development services from system architecture, development and QA to support and maintenance. We transform your idea into a commercial product by delivering results through focusing on the technology stack that is most appropriate for your business needs. 


Our people have decades of experience in the global IT industry

  • Ilya Gandzeychuk

    General Manager, CIS

  • Andrey Metelkin

    General Manager, Russia

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We have a history of
long-term partnerships

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