Health-related content aggregator

Products and Services:

  • Health-related content aggregator

Key Benefits:

  • Ease of navigation through categorized web content
  • Visually attractive design, rich functionality including filtering, tagging, and commenting capabilities
  • Comprehensive back-end architecture, allowing for easy content feeding to front-end
  • Social networks integration


Health2people – a comprehensive aggregator of health-related content, a one-stop medical information destination aimed at enabling customers to make better and more educated health choices.

Health2people is a complete solution for finding health providers in a given location, making online appointments, finding health-related content with extended tagging capabilities, conducting price comparisons of various health   services as well as accessing fellow patient recommendations – all neatly organized and efficiently searchable on a    visually intuitive and user-friendly site.


  • Front-end - custom design and front-end development (HTML5).
  • Back-end - YII (framework), PHP
  • Data base - MySQL


  • Visually appealing design
  • Multi-dimensional search and category  filtering capability
  • Clear and strict information categorization
  • Comprehensive back-end system, tagging capabilities
  • Give partners tools for their web-resource promotion in search engines
  • User engagement tools and social network integration


  • According to market research, it was determined that the utilization of a Pinterest-like design was preferred for  higher visual attractiveness of the service. New adaptive design, multi-platform optimized.
  • Developed algorithms for fast and comprehensive search functionality, including cross-category, semantic search.
  • Architecture design incorporates a well distinguished separation of categories, allowing for intuitive cross-category navigation.
  • Development of proprietary in-house back-end system, for effective content management as well as tagging options for logical information linkage
  • Incorporated SEO-tools such as meta-tagging and meta-description in back-end system to allow clinics  to effectively promote their presence via search engine
  • Development of a personal user area with the ability to save, share, comment separate pins.