Localization of an International Corporate Solution Based on SAP in SEBN

  • SAP ERP 6.0


  • Ternopol, Ukraine

Key Benefits:

  • Localization of international corporate solution based on SAP in SEBN


OOO Sumitomo Electric BordNetze—Ukraina is a successful enterprise in the Ternopol region, with 100% German capital and founded by Sumitomo Electric BordNetze GmbH. It specializes in the production of cabling and conductors for Volkswagen automobiles. The plant is 23,000 square meters, with the total number of workers at nearly 3,000.


  • SAP ERP is a corporate solution of SEBN group of companies. Over the years, the company has developed a corporate project template and fostered an inside team of professionals who successfully circulate it around the world.
  • The company realized the importance and necessity of accounting and meeting local requirements for business and tax accounting. Therefore, it was interested in cooperating with a Ukrainian provider of implementation services,   competent in local legislation, able to provide qualified advice, and implement all necessary processes in the system.


 As a local provider for the configuration of local accounting, KM Ware was selected. It appointed a few SAP FI consultants to achieving all of the objectives on the agenda. The agenda included the following: configuration of the Ukrainian chart of accounts and connecting it with a corporate chart of accounts

  • Configuration of tax accounting: VAT, income tax, tax accounting of fixed assets
  • Payment transactions and cash transactions
  • Activities for closing a tax period
  • Concept development of calculating the standard cost and actual cost according to the requirements of Ukrainian legislation
  • Configuration and testing of integration with external applications – electronic bank statement, 1 C (salary), electronic system for submitting tax reports


  • As a result of the project, not only international corporate system requirements have been fulfilled, but also local accounting and tax requirements; therefore, all the accounting and reporting is done from one corporate system, thus reducing the amount of time and energy for manual input and data verification.
  • KM Ware has taken part in a comprehensive testing of configured business processes, in training end users and preparing user documentation.