Mobile Communication & Workflow Management Platform for Hospitals

Products and Services:

  • HL7 Provider (any EMR system with HL7 support)
  • Spring Server (MySQL DB, Spring MVC to expose services, Vaadin for web interface)
  • iOS & Android Applications

Project Benefits:

  • Receive immediate patient updates
  • Communicate about patients in a secure manner
  • Remotely check patient data

Benefits of KM Ware :

  • Competitive pricing
  • Onsite/offshore global delivery model
  • Extensive technical expertise
  • Flexibility, adaptability, and creativity


Our client uses technology to improve patient care, increase reimbursement, and lower costs. Via their mobile communication systems medical institutions can receive patients updates immediately, communicate about patients in a secure manner, and check patient data anywhere. Iodine's customers include hospitals and health systems, including community hospitals, teaching hospitals, multi-hospital systems, and ACOs.

With the help of KM Ware, our client created a secure mobile communicatoin system for hospitals and health system. 


  • Java
  • Spring Framework
  • GWT
  • iOS
  • Android


  • Developed a secure application to ensure doctor / patient confidentiality
  • Created a custom design for iOS application
  • Development of a workflow management system where the user can reassign tasks to another user, change the status of tasks, and reopen tasks at their convenience
  • Development of a collaborative mobile communication process so that a conversation can be attached to a specific patient, conference like and read statuses by each person


As a result of this project, our client received iOS and Android applications allowing them to :

  • Securely and remotely manage patient data
  • Increases efficiency by facilitating on-demand and automated communications using smartphones & tablets
  • Raise patients quality of care

Increased reimbursements and cost reductions by:

  • Enabling increased documentation accuracy
  • Better managing observation patients
  • Eliminating repetitive or unnecessary orders
  • Detecting of potential readmissions early
  • Ensuring more timely discharges

Established an Agile development process which allows for:

  • short release cycles
  • close collaboration with project stakeholder’s
  • high adaptability to frequent changes in requirements