Propulsion & Sonar Web Applications

Industry: IT Security

Products and Services:

  • .NET
  • DotNetNuke
  • SaaS Interface

Project Benefits:

  • To enable healthy security plans
  • Practicality
  • Performance

Benefits of KM Ware:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Extensive technical expertise
  • Flexibility, adaptability, and creativity
  • Recruiting, training and equipping the best employees

About Our Client:

Delphiis is an internet security consulting company based in California, USA, specializing in providing the necessary tools to develop and enable companies with the best possible internet security plans. Utilizing the outsourcing abilities of KM Ware Global, Delphiis has worked to create two web applications : Propulsion and Sonar. Depending on the specific needs of the client, these applications can work both independently or in conjunction with one another.

Propulsion:  A web application that aids organizations in strategically managing their Internet Security Projects.

  • Spread sheet Import
  • Searchable project universe
  • Collaborative interface for prioritizing initiatives (Sonar)
  • Business analysis from similar organizations

Sonar:  A web application that helps organizations streamline the development, management and execution of security risk assessments.

  • Measure risk internally, on projects, or in business partnerships
  • Create custom questionnaires or choose from numerous other options
  • Collaborative workflow that allows for preparation, review, feedback, and reporting (Propulsion)
  • Convert findings into actionable an actionable roadmap in one click

 Project Challenges:

  • Poor quality of inherited code
  • Integration with a content management system as a foundation for the application
  • Large amount of legacy code without any supporting documentation
  • Complex project domain with strict security requirements
  • CMS migration from which included an new set of style sheets (look & feel)
  • Development and implementation of customer “check out” function
  • The expectation of a high volume of results within a limited timeframe

Project Solutions:

  • Formed a highly professional team of engineer’s
  • Re-factored and improved legacy code to yield higher performance, security and scalability
  • Established an Agile development process which allows for short release cycles, close collaboration with project stakeholder’s and high adaptability to frequent changes in requirements
  • Implemented AJAX and client-side programming techniques in order to minimize the number of requests to the server and improve response time for user interface
  • Added integration with third-party formats: Excel import/export, PDF export
  • Optimized for work with large data sets
  • Developed new functionality which supports full Security Assessment’s life cycle in accordance with new requirements
  • Feedback mechanism implementation
  • Ability to  export projects into excel
  • Creation of customer “check out” as it respond's back to Propulsion and allows the user access and purchase confirmation.