SAP Based FA Register


  • SAO ERP 6.0


  • Moscow, Russia

Key Benefits:

  • Concept development of a common SAP-based FA register for RZhD within an 18 month time frame



OAO Rossiyskiye Zhelezniye Dorogi (Russian Railways) is one of the three leading Eurasian railway companies:

  • Vast volumes of passenger and freight traffic;
  • High financial ratings

                  -Highly qualified specialists in every field of railway transport;

                  -A large number of research and technical facilities;

                  -Designing and construction facilities;

  • Extensive experience of international cooperation.


Development of a comprehensive solution to create a common information space for overall accounting of fixed assets in OAO RZhD, which will pool information about fixed assets from separate accounting systems used by the company.


As a provider of implementation services, KM Ware Global was selected for this project. A project team was appointed to achieve all of the objectives on the agenda. The agenda included the following:

  • Analyzing and modeling business processes related to accounting of Fixed Assets (FA) “as is” and “to be”
  • Developing the structure of FA Reference Directory and the system of its encoding
  • Developing the structure of FA Register
  • Developing a common technology of FA accounting
  • Developing the technology of keeping directories on FA accounting
  • Developing the technology of collecting data into the FA Register

                  -Developing the technology of interaction of the Register with accounting systems

                  -Collecting and processing data about FA objects received from application systems

  • Unifying the data of technical records with accounting records from various SAP accounting systems.


Projects objectives have been achieved in full. KM Ware Global has taken part in the development and preparation of project documentation, conversion and comparison of the data from technical and accounting records as well the description of algorithms for unification of data of technical and accounting record-keeping.