Social Media Management System (SMMS) Automation Framework

Products and Services:

  • SaaS Interface


Key Benefits:

  • Performance 
  • Data Collection 
  • Price
  • Efficiency



Our client is Social Media Management System (SMMS ) specializing in helping enterprise companies engage with their customers via SaaS-based social media management software. Major brands rely on this service to scale social across their organizations. 
Integration with: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Blogger, WordPress, and many more social channels.
KM Ware worked to develop a self-sufficient selenium-based automation framework inclusive of more than 500 test cases. This process helped to identify a large amount of bugs, (especially whenever a specific code branch is switched, or multiple branches are merged), improving the overall quality of the product. KM Ware have also harnessed continuous integration into the product, running 600 full-fledged test scenarios nightly; as well as developed a custom plugin for Jenkins Continuous Integration server in order to display the results of failed tests in a user-friendlymanner.


Technologies used:

  •  PHP
  •  Java
  •  MySQL
  •  Cassandra (non-SQL database)
  •  Zend Framework
  •  Spring MVC



  • No automated tests
  • No product-specific framework for automation testing
  • No process for gathering test results



  • Development of automation framework from scratch
  • Formed a highly professional team of engineers
  • Created 600+ automation tests
  • Nightly maintenance of such tests
  • Created a custom Jenkins plugin to gather the results of the tests
  • Currently creating Internal Customer Dashboard to display customer activity