Website & Mobile Application Development


  • Front-end - custom UX, UI and HTML5
  • Back-end - Joomla (open source platform) + PHP + integration with platform
  • Database - MySQL (integrated with client’s database through web services)
  • Mobile - using HTML5 and mobile app container platform (in development)

Project Benefits:

  •  Adaptive website (device agnostic)
  • Mobile application
  • User profile with order history
  • Online and mobile payment capabilities


Synevo Laboratories are part of the Medicover family, providing a complete range of diagnostic laboratory services to both members and other providers. Synevo offers these services in Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Turkey and Serbia.

In Ukraine, Synevo is the top market player in its segment retaining  a market share of 70%. They operate over 20 laboratories and 140 lab centers where patients can have blood work and other laboratory tests conducted. The local marketing team of Synevo approached KM Ware with the opportunity to modernize their existing website and develop a mobile application which can be used by their clients to order and pay for the conducted tests.  


  • Optimization of the website for mobile users
  • Development of  UX / UI to make web-site browsing easy and enjoyable
  • Integration with the client’s database (lab test prices)
  • Integration of the client’s website with the platform
  • Strict security requirements
  • Ability to provide online payments which are synchronized in both the web and mobile applications
  • Improve location based search and navigation (to easily find one of the 140 lab centers in the country)
  • Improvement of the websites user engagement


  • Formed a highly professional team
  • Developed functional structure, fully matching Synevo’s business model
  • Developed wireframes and mockups
  • Developed a new sophisticated web structure