Our Platforms

Solutions developed by the KM Ware IoT competence center


Km Ware Internet of Things (IoT) Competence Center  offers:

  • Development and implementation of sensors  remote monitoring projects
  • Design and development of IoT wireless devices
  • Building mesh radio networks (wireless mesh network) for managing the infrastructure of a home, city or enterprise
  • Consulting in the IoT area, finding solutions

  • The platform can be used to create your own IoT networks for data collection, transmission, monitoring and analysis.
  • The platform is built on the basis of Sensortag CC1350 from Texas Instruments or the KM-Ware EVB01 module built on a similar SoC.
  • As the gateway it is used Launchpad CC1350 connected to a microcomputer such as BeagleBone Black or similar, for example Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi).
  • With the help of the platform, users can order, connect, monitor and control the ST with a large number of sensor data.